AGL360CG, SRL  is a group of multidisciplinary and seasoned professionals working toghether to provide you with 360 degrees advise, professional grade and high quality advanced services with the level of confidentiality which you deserve and desired in our industry.

AGL360CG, SRL   gathers professionals with experience in the gaming industry from over more than 40 years of combined performance applied in different countries, organizations and cultures. Our vision is to help manage each business as an individual entity on its own domain and environment. Like your patrons, each operation is different and we manage each service as such.  With constant update of current trends and developments WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU!!

Resulting from our passion to work out solutions for you, we are constantly improving our work tools, work methods, work strategies, work technology...all to help you maximize the profitability of the operation you run. But, most of all, we are constantly improving LISTENING TO YOU!!

Our core services offered are:

i)  Accounting, Audits and Analytics (Financial and Operational)

ii) Strategic Planning, Corporate Organization and Risk Management;

iii) Casino Enterprise Management Software and Applications;

iv) Compliance and Regulations;

v) Mergers and Acquisitions; and 

vi) Marketing (emphasis on events and VIP Hosting), benchmarking, Market Research and focus groups.

Other additional and special services available on demand are:

Legal and Fiscal Advise and Representations, Staff Recruitment and Continuing Education

and Retraining, Procurement Assistance, Slot Machines Turn-Key Systems and Management, Player's Reinvestment Analysis, Budgeting,  Project Management, Casino-Hotel Relationship Management , Events     

At  AGL360CG,SRL we complete YOUR GAME  PLAN... 

Let's go to work !!